🛠️NFT Utility

Duck = Approved access Invitation = Approved access Relic complete set = Approved access

Don't have a Mallard Order NFT? You'll need to have a PolicyID/holder role within the participating projects discord in order to access RG

XP + GOLD Multipliers


  • Base count: 5

  • Base boost: 3.5

  • Additional boost per item: 0.5


  • Base boost per item: 1 Each invitation gives a base boost of 1


  • Set types: Dagger, Ring, Spear, Cup, Amulet

  • Base set boost: 2

  • Additional boost per item after set: 0.25

  • Items needed for a set: 5 Relics provide a boost based on sets completed.

Max boost for a user is 20%

Holder Task Creation

Holders will be able to generate their own tasks through the "community tasks" section, with limitations on weekly posts based on their Mallard Order NFT holdings. Additionally, the number of relic sets owned will dictate the potential functions and social integrations accessible to a Mallard Order holder. Please note that we retain the right to remove any task that violates our Terms of Service without explanation.

Partner Utility:


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