• Tasks are categorized by project. Because this is an alpha test, TMO is the only project that is currently providing tasks for you to complete. Once this final round of testing is finished we are opening up to Partner projects (See more in "Partners").

• Tasks can range from simple interactions to content creation depending on the platform.

• You'll earn XP and/or Gold for every task you complete. Task completion is incredibly efficient since you don't need to leave the site; everything can be accomplished seamlessly through Raiders Guild's integrated social media channels.

There are different types of tasks that can be carried out we'll use Twitter for instance you have Like, Retweet, Comment, and Follow tasks.

All tasks can be completed directly from the Raiders Guild interface with out the need to be hyperlinked to the social media site to finalize the task. You can seamlessly interact with multiple tasks across multiple social media platforms conveniently all from within Raiders Guild.

Images and GIFs can be uploaded to your reply by clicking the image icon found on your modal pop up

There are numerous social integrations on Raiders Guild which sets it apart from many of its competitors. Currently Raiders Guild has Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook Business, Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, and Telegram. In the future we plan to add more social media and blog 2.0 integrations.

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