Get Started

β€’ Head to, and Authorize the Raiders Guild bot with your Discord account to begin.

β€’ Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the overall layout of the app.

β€’ Before raiding, you will need to head to "Account" on the bottom left of the app and connect your social media accounts.

Click "Authorize" for the available social media account integrations you intend to perform tasks on.

The example below showcases how to authorize our Raiders Guild app with Twitter. For each social media platform you link, you'll receive a prompt to grant permission to our app.

Once you've authorized the App on a specific social media platform, you'll take notice in the UI that your account status will display "Connected" for each platform you've granted access to through the Raiders Guild app.

β€’ Connecting your Cardano wallet is not yet available on this final test version of Raider’s Guild.

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