🎁Reward Chests

Raiders will be able to use their "Gold" to redeem for rewards from TMO and participating projects (RG Partners)

The higher your LEVEL, the higher the reward tier you can attempt to win. We have an Excel spreadsheet detailing the expected rewards for each tier every 56 days (equivalent to one full season). The UI/UX design is akin to the video I showed you earlier. For LEVELS 1-4, it's the Bronze Tier; for 5-7, it's the Silver Tier; and for 8-10, it's the Gold Tier.





Every Season (56 days), there will be multiple prizes each chest with each tier having much greater rewards. Gold will be used to purchase a chest opening depending on your asset holdings you will be able to open a chest only a limited amount of times per every 14 days. Each tier chest contains items such as NFTs, FTs, ADA, Merch Vouchers, Print Shop Vouchers, White Lists, In-Game Gold & more! Depending on your Relic asset holdings you will have a few more times to open a chest within the 14 day span.

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